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Posted by Carlos Maldonado on

They say in Japan, this thing like the hungry spirit - the hungry mind - is what gets you going forward. ~ Rei Kawakubo

Japan has mouth-watering food, majestic temples and shrines, zen gardens, lush national parks, and a rich historic culture.  What kept us fueled throughout our traveles was the "snacking culture" in Japan. The Japanese, in particular, have become huge fans of French sweets in recent years. 


The sheer number of sophisticated patisseries and boulangeries in the city will make your heart flutter. Walking through the streets of Japan, past famous monuments  and cult patisserie shops, it’s hard not to notice the lines filling up with tourists. The smells of sugar, wam, brown butter and baking spices filled your nostrils as you walk by them. Mindful designs and displays excite your eyes. You can sometimes feel the warmth of the baking oven as you walk by.  Trays, bins and baskets full of little, made by hand, puff pastries, and other bite sized baked goods are lit up to enhance their golden crusts. 

It was these expreinces and memories that inspired the Ideas and decoration of the DUFMOD SUMALEE Area Rugs. The creative design and handloom techniques that the Thai artisans used to loom the rugs reflects the rows of bite sized pasteries in Japan and the cozy comfort it brings as one of your house decoration, apartment decoration, your temple.

DUFMOD Handwoven Rugs

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