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Posted by Jenny L. Smith on

You have to try really hard not to love Thailand-- lush jungles, famed beaches, world-class diving, amazing food, endless markets and cheap prices. Squeezing the country into 90 days is not enough. Most of our days were spent getting lost in the infinite markets scattered around the country and on the road zipping around on our rented moped exploring nooks and crannies.

Our favorite evenings were spent sitting on cozy, over-sized cushions on the beach, under the sunset lit sky and the ocean stretched out before our eyes. Warm oranges and pinks color the sky as warm, sun-kissed, salty air gently caress our faces and fill our lunges with every inhale. Various green hues of the leaves of palm trees above us sway to the music playing from the cafe next to us.  Even our fruit smoothies were glistening in hues of colors. Inspired by these moments we wanted to bring those cozy moments to our DUFMOD fans.


Styling @girlandtheword

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