For the love of bamboo and beaches!

For the love of bamboo and beaches!

Clean. Strong. Pure. Versatile. Beautiful. Malleable.

Those are the words that come to mind about bamboo. There are countless products that will amaze you that are created using this material. Some notable bamboo products are: architectures in Bali, snowboards for terrain that requires a flexible board; amazing intricate carvings for lighting in the home and outdoors; feature pieces of furniture, and many more.

With that in mind.....

The DUFMOD Island Bamboo Diffuser is one of our favorite products and it makes us so proud to provide it to you. Add tropical atmosphere to your home with the Island Bamboo Diffuser from DUFMOD. Created with a smooth and strong bamboo outer casing, where water and humidity will not seep into the material. Most diffusers use questionable plastics with a heating element that may release harmful toxins when operating. The DUFMOD Island Bamboo Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology so no heating is required. The BPA free plastic interior will give you the peace of mind that the cool mist of delicious micro-water particles released into the air are toxic free, increases humidity levels and creates an ambiance of well-being. Now available in