Kiss Your Plants & Essential Aroma Diffuser. Go Green.

Kiss Your Plants & Essential Aroma Diffuser. Go Green.

When you think of green...

Perhaps you think of grass. Let's dig a little deeper.

You may feel when you think of grass: relaxation, freshness, spring, growth, etc... 

The point is the color green will evoke wonderful emotions to energize or sooth you. Adding any type of green foliage to your home retreat is essential to providing that tropical ambience. 

At DUFMOD, we are all about adding your personality into your home tropical paradise. The current trend is to add black and white geometrical patterns to your greenery. This creates eye-popping contrast and accentuates the greenery in your space. Hence, optimizing those wonderful emotions when you think of the color green!

Check out some of our favorite "green" spaces:

Don't have a green thumb?

No problem. There are plants that are hard to kill and purify the air indoors such as: Spider Plants, Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, Cacti, Dracaena and Bamboo Palms.

If you are more confident on your gardening skills try these tropical plants: Palms like the (Kentia Palm), Bird of Paradise, Philodendron (Split Leaf) and Xanadu.



The DUFMOD Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser works in synergy with your botanical foliage to uplift your senses. Release a cool mist of water particles filled with goodness from your favorite essential oils without a heating element (ultrasonic diffuser technology). In our eyes, we are proud to say it could be the best essential oil diffuser for your little retreat in the home.  Inhale. Exhale.

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