LIGHT UP: 3 Creative Ideas To Use Copper-Wire Lights


Create light features to enhance that romantic and fun feeling around your home without breaking the bank. Copper wire lights can be found in most stores. You can buy them online as well. We already see these copper wires used inside glass lanterns , vases, and bowls. Johanna Silver from Sunset Magazine suggested these brilliant ways to amp up your home.  At DUFMOD, we would say, it's not only for the yard or porch. Put these lights anywhere you want, go nuts!

1. Glowing Fire Pit Bowl

You can pick up any brass, cast-iron, copper, or metallic bowl for cheap at the dollar store, garage sale, or use one you already have in the kitchen. Place fire-wood and copper wire lights loosely draped in and around the wood. Keep that glowing all night.

Fire without the flame

2. Twinkling Tumbleweeds

Russian Thistles also known as Tumbleweeds can be found roaming out side the street or yard. In other places where this plant does not grow, you can either purchase these ( there is a market for everything), or try to DIY it with some small branches found laying on the ground. With copper-wire delicately tracing around the branches, you can turn these weeds to beautiful light features.

Twinkling tumbleweeds

3. Balls of Fire



The familiar yet still great idea is to wrap the copper wire around the balloon then pop the balloon. Viola! Great balls of fire!

Happy Lighting and "Seas the day!" ~ DUFMOD

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