7 Fun Alternatives to Plant Pots


Photo stylist: @alina.fassakhova

Didn’t you hear? Plant pots are getting a whole lot more attention. With so many pins sharing how to reuse an empty tin of beans as a home for your cacti or how to cut open a milk carton to create a unique flower bed, we’re getting our creative juices flowing over basic plant pots and we know you are too. Here are seven alternative solutions to add a touch of wow to your home.

7 Fun Alternatives to Plant Pots
1. Hanging Glass Planters
You can’t deny how perfect these hanging glass bowls would look in your entrance hall. The perfect way to add a touch of tropical when you’re working with limited space. MoodyMooch shows you how to get the look.
2. Macrame Hanging Planters
With the launch of our ULA Collection imminent, it’s clear DUFMOD are big fans of Macrame. We couldn’t leave it out of this list either. Who wouldn’t want something so pretty in their home? Lili in Wonderland shows you how it's done.

7 alternatives to plant potsPhoto: @liliwonderland

 3. Teacup Planters

Finally! We’ve found a use for the china teacups you have laying around that no one ever drinks from because buckets of coffee are what’s required for the modern day woman. Now instead of collecting dust in your cupboard, you can fill them with dirt and pretty plants. (Link) 

7 fun alternative plant pots

4. Kid's Toy Planters

What do you do when your child grows out of their toys? Cut off their back, stuff them with soil and watch your plants grow. The toy of course, not the child. (Link) 

7 fun alterntive plant pots

5. Seashell Planters

Possibly the cutest plant pot alternative ever, this adorable idea makes us want to run to the beach and hunt for our very own plant holder. 

7 alternative plant pots

Photo: North Apothecary 

6. Coconut Shell Planters
Coconuts, the epitome of tropical living. Dot these around your home to remind you of summers spent curling your toes in foreign sands. A fun Plant-a-colada DIY from the jungle queen (The Jungalow) 
the jungalow coconut plant pot DIY

Photo: @thejungalow

Dufmod seagrass basket

DUFMOD seagrass basket | Photo stylist: @alina.fassakhova

7. Seagrass Basket Plant Pot Covers

Ethically hand woven by artisans in Vietnam, these seagrass baskets have many uses but our favourite has to be as a home for our indoor plants.  (Link) 

So, what’s your favourite plant pot alternative?

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