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A Healthier Approach To Vacation: Next-Gen Wellness Retreats

Posted by Giles Smith on

Trending curated wellness experiences are being developed by top tier fitness instructors and leading wellness insiders are trending and are becoming more sophicated as a result. 

Wellness travel is not something new. “Women don’t want to go on a vacation that takes them away from their healthy approach to life,” says Kyle Miller, co-founder of Love Yoga, a bicoastal studio with its own travel program. “Retreats are the answer—and you get to experience a new culture.”

While they often seem pricey, retreats simply offer more value than traveling on your own. It’s not just doing Moksha Yoga for an hour every morning and calling that wellness travel.Not only do you get to chill in a zen location for a few days, but the retreat package price typically includes vegetarian, possibly organic meals, meditation and various athletic classes/activities, personal growth workshops and even spa treatments.  More and more young travellers are choosing wellness retreats over backpacking, where eating healthy and alcohol can take its toll on the well-being of the body.

Recently, even retailers have tried to jump in and ride the wellness retreat trend wave. Free People got into travel with FP Escapes, encompassing nutrition, yoga, and natural beauty treatments. It’s about shoppers’ “sharing their lifestyles with each other,” says Free People’s director of brand marketing Abby Morgan.

Taryn Toomey, a popluar host for annual "Retreatments" that feel bespoke and authentic, explains,that without distractions of “to-do lists, families, and responsibilities,” these vacations are where we “meet one’s true self."  Time to schedule a wellness retreat for your next vacation!

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