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The Sober Social Scene Is Rising

Posted by Giles Smith on

If you enjoy scheduled daily workouts, chug goddess green juice, and steer clear of sugar, there will be a time where alcohol and  hangovers  will start to lose it's luster. That time is now for many New Yorkers and Angelenos as a tide of alchohl-free social gatherings is rising to meet the sober crowd.

Although breaking the habit of having a drink with dinner or going out can be uncomfortable, there are events popping up that address how to navigate sober life, from sex and dating without alcohol, to avoiding the bar at holiday parties. Club Soda is such the event held in NYC.

Gatherings  like these are getting easier to find. Dry dinner parties and yoga events fuelled by DJ's are gaining popularity as social atlernatives to the bar scene. In New York, a new pop-up party, called The Softer Image, combines herbal tonics, dancing, and energy healing. 

Sparkling water can get boring really fast, in 2017 you’ll see healthy mocktails—like the new Curious Elixirs—on more bar menus. Not to menttion DIY health tonics at house parties, bridal showers, stags, you name it! Pinterest results for these booze-free concoctions are endless. 

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