The Tides In To Reveal The Top 5 Wellness Trends  for 2017

The Tides In To Reveal The Top 5 Wellness Trends for 2017

As we make our way into 2017, we have a glimpse of what's trending in wellness this year and all of them will make you splash and dive into further exploration and inspire you to add value to your overall wellness this year. Lets plunge in to the top 5 trends in wellness:

                                                                      A Healthier Approach To Vacation: Next- Gen Wellness Retreats

More and more young travellers are choosing wellness retreats over backpacking, where eating unhealthily and drinking alcohol can take its toll on the well-being of the body. Read more.

Kick Butt With Inflamation-Fighting Foods For A Healthier Body

Considering that inflamation is linked to bloating, acne, and life threatneing illness, fighting inflammation with food is quickly becoming a major health priority. Read more.

Everyone's Embracing No Makeup

Everyone including celebrities seem to have recently gone makeup-free because of its empowering message of self-love by joining the #NoMakeup movement.​ Read more.

 Feeding Mental Wellness With Books

You feed your body everyday, you need to feed your mind everyday.  More people are focusing on mental wellness, with the belief that eating well, and fitness routines are not the catalyst of wellbeing -- it starts with your mental wellness first.   Read more.

 The Sober Social Scene Is Rising

 When alcohol and hangovers start to lose their luster, booze-free social gatherings and acitvities are on the rise. Read more.