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Each DUFMOD item is carefully designed, handcrafted, and sourced from around the world during the travels of Giles and Jenny, the co-founders of DUFMOD.

Therefore every item has a story - the homewares history and country's origin.  Their travels and the artisan's origin plays a role in designing pratical, esthetically natural, earthy yet fun pieces that reflect what story DUFMOD fans would potentionally create in their homes.


Our eco savvy artists have a passion to create wares not only to provide for their community's daily use but to propel employment within and to grow their own small business. From small village artists to wife and husband artisans, they all advocate environmental sustainability for all their pieces throughout the whole process. 

"Every human is an artist. And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story." ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

For the past 2 years we have helped our partner artisans's local business grow to where they now have their own creative staff. As the brand grows, DUFMOD will continue to promote employment opportunities that aid in the future of artisan communities and their cultural legacy.

Know that you have a piece of incredble art and culture handcrafted with every fibre of passion in your home, your refuge, your "temple".