FAQ Diffuser

How do I turn off the night lights?

To turn the night lights off, the diffuser must be in the "no light mode" Simply press the light button several times. This will cycle through the several different colors. with the "no light" mode being the last one. 

Can I turn off the "power on" indicator light?

Whilst the diffuser is in operation, the small orange/yellow indicator light is always on. The only way to turn this light off, is to turn off the diffuser.

My diffuser is turned on, so why is no / little mist visible?

The Dufmod Bamboo diffuser is able to safely hold a maximum of 150ml water. At this water level the mist generated will appear less, until the optimal water level of 120ml and below is reached.  

What do I do if I overfilled the diffuser and water accidentally entered the interior of the unit through the vent hole?

Immediately turn off the unit and unplug the diffuser from the electrical outlet. Empty the water inside. Allow the unit to air-dry for approximately 3 days. Make sure the unit is completely dry before reuse.

Is the diffuser rechargeable?

No. The Dufmod bamboo diffuser comes with a 1.6m long power cord that plugs into a wall outlet. It does't not contain any internal batteries.  

Is there an intermittent setting?

Yes there is an intermittent setting. It does 10 secs on and 10 secs off. With a full 150ml tank, the diffuser will last almost 24hrs before shutting itself off when it runs dry. There are also auto shut off modes after 1hr and 2hrs.

Is there a warranty for this product?

Yes, absolutely. As long as the operating manual is adhered to, the manufacturer offers a one year warranty on parts if faults are traced back to when the product was manufactured. Example: If it just stops working for no reason, then the product will most likely be covered. If you drop it, or overfill the water reservoir and water enters the internal mechanism, then the warranty would not apply.