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DUFMOD NATURAL Seagrass Baskets: Multipurpose, Home Storage, Beach Bag, Picnic


*Available in USA, Canada and the UK


DUFMOD Seagrass Baskets are amazingly plush and lightweight yet incredibly hard wearing. They can hold a surprising amount of weight. These baskets will add a fantastic pop of colour and texture to any room as stylish storage basket in all rooms of the house.

Usage: For creative storage and decor. Use the DUFMOD Seagrass Baskets with the handles out or folded down as bowl-style baskets. Use it in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, playroom, laundry, nursery, or as attractive plant pot covers.Show off your creatie ways to use seagrass baskets #dufmodme

Handmade with Love: All our baskets are individually hand woven with love by local artisans from the southeast tropics. In order to preserve their seagrass beds,the artisans harvest 100% sustainably grown seagrass and do not use wild seagrass plants. Seagrass beds provide unique ecosystems in coastal locations, and are environmentally and economically vital. Please allow for any natural imperfections and variations created during the hand making process.


Select from the two varieties of seagrass baskets:

Natural Seagrass Basket 
Handwoven with all natural seagrass. 

Plush Seagrass Baskets
Handwoven with natural seagrass + naturally dyed and pulped, wildwood fibres to be strong and plush. Two colors available: Aquamarine, and White 


Large: Centre Diameter 45cm/18inches, Height 35cm/14inches
Medium: Centre Diameter 32cm/13inches, Height 32cm/13inches
Small size: Centre Diameter 29cm / 11.5inches, Height 27cm/10.5 inches.

  • EACH BASKET IS UNIQUE AND THE BASKET OPENING MAY BE BETWEEN 2 AND 3 INCHES SMALLER than the given centre diameter. If in doubt, order a size up.
  • Clean & Care: Handle with love. Only clean gently with a semi-damp cloth. Do not handwash. Do not bleach. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not wring.
  • Admire our local basket artisan as she creates your baskets at her families studio.